Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carl DeMaio and taxpayer dollars

Carl DeMaio is hilarious when he demands that Filner not accept his government pension. DeMaio made his millions off the government, pulling in big bucks for giving training to government workers. How about DeMaio promise to turn over to the City of San Diego pension fund the interest from his investments of all those tax dollars?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Laura Duffy should apologize to Bob Filner as well as Carl DeMaio

It's okay to lie, but not okay to call someone a liar? I think Laura Duffy should also have apologized to Filner for Carl DeMaio's making a false statement about Filner's pension. I like the fact that Filner doesn't spew pre-packaged statements. He responds to what is actually said. For years I've liked this trait of Filner.

U.S. Attorney: Members Felt Filner 'Embarrassed Himself' at Temple Forum
October 18, 2012
Voice of San Diego

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy, the federal government's top law enforcement official in San Diego, was not very happy with U.S. Rep. Bob Filner Sunday.

Filner appeared with his rival for the mayor's office Carl DeMaio at Temple Emanu-El Sunday in a forum designed to let a number of candidates speak and take questions from the audience. Duffy, as a member of the temple, helped organize the event. She was not working in her capacity as head of the Justice Department's presence in San Diego.

The candidates had been told not to treat it as a debate. Filner, Duffy told me, "had issues."

"I know the event that was intended and it went far afield from what he was invited to do and I was sorry to see that happen," she told me.

Wherever Filner took it, DeMaio helped him get there. DeMaio challenged Filner to say he would not take a city pension if elected mayor. DeMaio said it would be a $120,000 pension and cited a Voice of San Diego report, which actually shows the majority of that pension would not come from the city.

DeMaio didn't mention that part.

It set Filner off.

"I wanted this to be a civil debate, but he's a liar. He knows he's a liar," Filner said from the podium at the temple. DeMaio's team posted a video of the exchange here.

Duffy sent an email apologizing to DeMaio's campaign, which the campaign then passed on to reporters. It was underneath an email with story ideas and links to that YouTube video and others.

Campaign Manager Ryan Clumpner claims forwarding the email to reporters was inadvertent. It showed Duffy was not pleased with Filner in the apology she sent DeMaio's team.

"Our apologies that Filner had to be admonished about his uncivil 'debate-style' remarks," Duffy wrote in the email to a DeMaio aide, Tommy Knepper. "If it is any consultation (sic), I heard more than one temple member express their view that he embarrassed himself and that they thought Carl appeared far more mature and capable of addressing the challenges San Diego faces."

If Filner was guilty of making “’debate-style’ remarks,” it’s hard to see how DeMaio didn’t also bend the rules (though he kept a cooler head)...