Friday, May 11, 2007

Trailer comes loose on Chesapeake Bay Bridge; 3 killed

Last night traffic was snarled for hours at the peak of rush hour when a trailer came loose from an SUV.

Why did the trailer come loose?

The same thing happened to me when I was pulling a U-haul trailer with a U-haul hitch, installed by U-haul. The trailer started swinging from side to side as it hung on to the car by the chains. Fortunately, it was early afternoon on highway 94 in San Diego, and no one was near me.

I found that the bolt that was supposed to hold the trailer to the hitch had disappeared. I lifted the trailer and shoved it back into the hitch. I used a pen in place of a bolt and drove VERY SLOWLY. The pen broke and I lifted the trailer again, but this time I injured my back.

What's wrong here? I suspect that the plastic clip--that holds the bolt in place--broke, and allowed the bolt to slip out.

U-haul--how about a clip redesign?????

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