Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunroad-like deals happen all the time, but it appears that no one notices unless the FAA intervenes

Yesterday Murtaza Baxamusa wrote in Voice of San Diego about "The Sweet Deal for Developers."

"The witch-hunt for nefarious actors on the Sunroad project ignores the reality of the sweet deal developers get every day at the Development Services Department...

"Development Services boasts of efforts to "streamline the permitting process," including over-the-counter permits and "inspectors for hire," demonstrating an apologetic culture in implementing regulations.

"The results are impressive. Development Services continues to get high customer service points in developer surveys...

"Add a developer-friendly streamlined review process to a badly written development agreement, and you have a disaster waiting to happen...In April 2006, FAA started noticing this tall [Sunroad] building, and the rest is history ..."

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