Sunday, June 15, 2008

Judie Italiano announces that she's MEA's executive-for-life

The San Diego Union Tribune quotes Metropolitan Employees Association general manager Judie Italiano as saying:

"MEA is never, ever, as long as I can draw a breath, endorsing Mike Aguirre."

Well, that's pretty clear. But MEA's lawyer Ann Smith has made it clear that she and former president Judie Italiano are a package deal. Ann Smith "threatened" to resign if Judie were not named general manager.

Judie and Ann are perfect duplicates of California Teachers Association's controlling couple, Carolyn Doggett and Beverly Tucker, the CTA executive director and her lawyer, who also seem to be a package deal.

Well, San Diego, it seems we're in for a long ride with JudieAnn Italismith. We'll have their billion-dollar budget-busting noses in faces, making demands for some time.

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