Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SD City unions prefer secret pension deals; Mike Aguirre opposes them

San Diego City Attorney Mike Aguirre

Metropolitan Employees Association duo Ann Smith-Judie Italiano continue their odd alliances with Republican judges. The alliance began with the billion-dollar pension deal supported by the MEA bosses and former San Diego mayor Dick Murphy. And it continues with Judie/Ann's newly-forged alliance with Jan Goldsmith.

The bizarre alliance is apparently built on the expectation that San Diegans will continue to sacrifice their own well-being and that of their city, and will go back to using the City Attorney's office to cover-up wrongdoing in city government, in order to keep Judie/Ann in power.

And it involves a major flip-flop on the party of candidate Goldsmith. Scott Lewis explains:

The Union Pawns
By Scott Lewis
July 9, 2008

Voice of San Diego

It was rather amusing to see Judge Jan Goldsmith tout his endorsement from the San Diego Municipal Employees Association...

The best radio ad of the campaign season was Mr. Goldsmith's very own takedown of his rivals. Remember, he used a circus theme to paint City Hall as a mess...

[Quote from Jan Goldsmith's radio ad:]
In ring two, see Scott "the wonder pony" Peters jump through hoops, straddle fences and juggle important city issues all to please his labor union handlers.

Now that Goldsmith is the preferred choice of the firefighters union, the police union, and the white-collar City Hall workers, is it no longer so bad to be associated with unions?

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