Saturday, March 07, 2009

Tri-City Hospital probe kept secret: Does that prove there's no serious wrongdoing?

Should San Diego be called "Enron by the see-no-evil"?

Does keeping a probe secret prove that there was no serious wrongdoing? Quite the opposite, I would say.

Tri-City Hospital isn't releasing the probe conducted after CEO Art Gonzalez and eight administrators were placed on administrative leave. My guess is that the board doesn't want to go through litigation which would be expensive for the hospital. My guess is that the former employees don't want a trial, either, because the information in the secret probe would no longer be secret. Instead, both parties want to settle, keep the report secret, and preserve the reputations of both the former employees and the board members who worked with them.

Terry Francke, counsel for Californians Aware, says, "If they did find serious misconduct by these employees, then it becomes a matter of public interest" and the report must be released.

I agree, but in San Diego, wrongdoing is regularly hidden by public entities. Maybe the city should be called Enron by the see-no-evil.

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