Monday, August 10, 2009

The scapegoats for the San Diego pension fraud are still being prosecuted

UPDATE: All defendants except Ron Saathoff dismissed in January 2010 by California Supreme Court.


These people are not angels, but they most certainly did not act alone in the billion dollar San Diego pension scheme.

So why are they alone in being prosecuted?

Because Bonnie Dumanis, our District Attorney, doesn't like to pick on the truly powerful.

Cathy Lexin, Ronald Lee Saathoff, John Anthony Torres, Mary Elizabeth Vattimo, Teresa Aja Webster, Sharon Kay Wilkinson

Charge: Conflict Of Interest - Specified Officials
Court No.: CD190930
Prosecutor: Stephen Robinson

Synopsis: Six former and current members of the San Diego City Employee Retirement System Board of Trustees are charged with felony conflict of interst following an 11-month investigation. The defendants are Ronald L. Saathoff, John A. Torres, Sharon K. Wilkinson, Cathy Lexin, Mary Vattimo and Terri A. Webster. Each has been charged with felony counts of Government Code 1090. On July 11, 2002 The SDCERS Board of Trustees voted to approve and accept an amended version of a City of San Diego proposal which deferred a percentage of City of San Diego employer contributions and avoided the City's obligation to make a balloon payment to SDCERS as negotiated under the terms of a prior City agreement. The amended proposal included a negotiated enhanced retirement benefits agreement between the City of San Diego and three of the City of San Diego Employee bargaining unions. These unions included the San Diego Fire Fighter's Local 145; Municipal Employees Association; and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 127. Each of the trustees named in this criminal action voted in favor of this proposal and personally benefited as a result of their involvement with the amended proposal.
Custody Status: Warrant issued

Next Court Date: Further Proceedings, Oct 23 2009 9:00AM, Department 26, San Diego Superior Court, Central Division, County Courthouse

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